The battery has 3 locking latches. Two of them use screws and plastic pins, and the bottom one is a plastic clip which slots
into the chassis of the laptop (See Photo #1 & #2)


  1. Slide the battery into the laptop at an angle in order to slot the plastic clip at the bottom of the battery into the chassis of the laptop.

  2. Make sure to clip in the left side of the battery first, but do not try to clip it in at the top right corner just yet.

  3. Once you've clipped in the left side of the battery, there should still be some wiggle room. Please try pushing the battery as much as you can towards the right hand side while the clip on the left hand side remains locked in place. By pushing the whole battery towards the right hand side, it should give you enough space to clip in the top right hand side of the battery.

  4. Push the battery all the way down in order to lock the top right hand side in place.

  5. Screw in the two screws to permanently attach the battery.